Show & Tell

Show & Tell exercise is an activity in which our children are encouraged to bring items they have selected to class and describe them to their classmates and teachers, in EduCare we give the children the right to bring whatever they like with no limits, and take the time they want while presenting.

Show and Tell has numerous benefits for young children. These early language experiences help to build effective communication and listening skills that are essential for a young child’s learning. It also encourages emotional development in a child, as he or she shares their interests, home lives, and joys and struggles with peers. In addition, this socially rewarding experience helps to solidify important home-school connections, particularly when Show and Tell is aligned with the curriculum.

Following are the possible gains that children can receive from show and tell:

  • Learn to speak and listen.
  • Practice their learned English vocabularies.
  • Learn how to be an audience and introduce themselves.
  • Learn how to ask inquiry based questions.
  • Learn to make connections between student responses.
  • Anticipate and observe.
  • Practice critical reasoning skills.
  • Practice storytelling.
  • Learn same and different.
  • Use descriptive language.
  • Increase confidence.